What we do


Working with you, we can develop and implement bespoke engagement plans to target and address areas of dissatisfaction. We will help you to understand the drivers of dissatisfaction, and then come up with creative and engaging ways to increase satisfaction. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to engagement but some of the activities on offer might include charitable activities, events, reward and recognition schemes, employee and customer forums and feedback mechanisms. We can also help you to develop and embed your organisational values, which underpin your culture for engagement.


One of the biggest causes of dissatisfaction – amongst employees and customers – is poor or lack of communications. We will help you to improve your communications through channels such as newsletters, social media, events, PR campaigns, and media relations, to keep people informed, engaged and ultimately, satisfied. We can also help you to develop your brand and support your employees to take ownership of this identity.


An individual’s wellbeing can have a significant impact upon the way that they perform and behave within the workplace, and as such, we can help you to promote wellbeing within your organisation. We can come up with wellbeing action plans, and creative and relevant activities which empower your employees to protect their wellbeing.


We can lead and facilitate a range of conversations such as meetings, focus groups, away days, and workshops in a fun and engaging way. Using a range of techniques, we can ensure that everyone is given a voice and is fully involved in what you are trying to achieve.

Coaching and Mentoring

We provide 121 coaching which empowers individuals and enables them to identify their own solutions. We can help people to be the best that they can be through coaching. We are also able to offer mentoring, particularly for managers who are keen to develop and move to the next level.


We have vast experience of writing, including for respected communication channels such as The Huffington Post. We can write anything – press releases, newsletter copy, ad copy, annual reports – on any subject. We also run creative writing workshops which engage people and support their wellbeing.