Engage Your People

We don’t just leave you with more questions – we give you the answers too.

Understanding what your people think and need is at the heart of engaging people. Because when we know what matters to our staff we can respond, adapt, and improve. And when we do this, we increase satisfaction which leads to productivity, innovation, and excellence.

Engaging people is good for business.

Our Engage Your People service helps you to find out what your people need, discover the steps that you could take that would help you to improve, and communicate these.

Because we’re not just here to leave you with more questions – we can give you the answers you need too.

1. ASK

Each quarter, we will run an employee survey that includes a few standard questions and additional questions around a theme, such as wellbeing, that will vary each time. Using our coaching and insight expertise, we will shape questions that open up people’s thinking. You will be able to benchmark against previous surveys and other organisations.


To gain depth of understanding, we’ll run an inclusive and meaningful workshop for a representative group of your people. This will allow us to delve deeper into the themes, generate ideas, and allow staff to feel involved and valued.


You will receive a report based upon the findings of your survey with tailored recommendations for your organisation. This will include benchmarking information to allow you to compare to overall findings for all the organisations taking part in the survey.


We will provide you with communications to help you to shape your messages and ensure that your people are informed and feel valued.

What else?

Webinar, workshop, or forum: you will have access to free places at events that can help you to enhance your knowledge and share ideas and best practice.

Bespoke: we can also provide bespoke temperature gauge surveying – including on a monthly basis – as well as 121 coaching and a full engagement audit; please contact us for more information.

Want to know more? Please get in touch and let us give you the answers you need to increase satisfaction in your organisation. Contact michelle@engaging-people.co.uk or fill in the contact form below:

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