What we do

We offer a range of services to engage, increase satisfaction, and achieve your business goals:


We can work with you to develop impactful and meaningful employee engagement strategies and plans. Our comprehensive Route to Engagement allows us to understand your drivers of satisfaction and – working with you and your people – create a bespoke and deliverable engagement plan. And, we can help you to develop and embed your organisational values, which underpin your culture for engagement.

We can also develop and deliver engagement strategies and plans for your customers, partners or stakeholders. We can identify their drivers of satisfaction and understand perceptions through a range of online and offline consultative activities to create a bespoke and engaging plan.


We can deliver accessible and engaging internal and external communications which meet the needs of your audiences through activities such as PR, media relations, newsletters, and social media. We can also create focused and engaging campaigns to achieve key outcomes. And, we can work with you to develop your key messages.


We can work with you to develop wellbeing action plans built around meaningful activities which promote wellbeing in your workplace and empower your employees to protect their wellbeing. Working with partners, we can also provide training, including in the development of Wellbeing or Mental Health Champions.


We can lead and facilitate a range of conversations such as meetings, focus groups, away days, and workshops in an inclusive and engaging way. Using a range of techniques, we can ensure that everyone is given a voice and is fully involved in what you are trying to achieve.

Coaching and Mentoring

We provide 121 coaching which empowers individuals and enables them to identify their own solutions. We can help people to be the best that they can be through coaching. We are also able to offer mentoring, particularly for managers who are keen to develop and move to the next level. We also offer Maternity Coaching to support and empower women through maternity and beyond.


We have vast experience of writing content for online and offline communication channels. We can draft engaging and accessible copy for a range of formats including press releases, newsletters, websites, and annual reports.