The Engaging People Company has joined up with Social Routes to launch Route to Engagement, an approach which will help companies to improve employee engagement and increase satisfaction.


The comprehensive five-step approach will help leaders to gain a thorough and informed understanding of the drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction through an employee survey and workshops.  But that’s not all as Michelle Gant, Director of The Engaging People Company explained:


“The key for us is not just leaving employers with more questions – we want to provide the answers too. And we do this by developing a bespoke, meaningful, and deliverable engagement plan which will allow companies to take practical steps to improve engagement.”


In addition, companies will be provided with support to provide feedback and communicate the findings to their staff, as Michelle explained: “A common complaint is that people don’t know what happens with their feedback once they’ve taken part in consultation. This diminishes people’s willingness to engage in future. And so, as part of our Route to Engagement, we will support companies with providing communications and feedback on our findings.”


Helen Terry is Director of Social Routes. She said: “I’m so excited about working with The Engaging People Company to support companies to truly understand how their people feel. Engagement is such a crucial element of employee satisfaction and retention and having insight into what the real drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction are will really help organisations engage effectively”


The five steps in the process are:

Step 1: Define brief Understand purpose and strategic aims.
Step 2: Survey An inclusive and engaging employee survey.
Step 3: Workshops Employee workshops based upon the themes emerging in Step 2.
Step 4: Engagement Plan A targeted, meaningful and deliverable plan to improve engagement.
Step 5: Feedback Employee feedback and communications based on the findings.


Michelle added: “I’m so thrilled to be working with Helen from Social Routes and we look forward to supporting companies along their Route to Engagement.


More details are available in the leaflet below or contact Michelle Gant or 07834 578872.

Route to Engagement leaflet

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