The last year has seen millions of people working very differently as we coped with the impact of the pandemic. We have adapted and responded and found new ways of doing things.

Now, as restrictions ease and more and more people head back into the workplace, it’s a perfect time to reflect and capture the learning from this period in our lives – to identify what worked well, and what people need now and into the future.

We’re running a survey and we’d love you to add your voice. Your views will help us to gain an insight into your experience of working during a pandemic, but also, will allow us to capture any best practice and identify any recommendations that can help employers to engage people over the coming months. We’d also really would like to know if the pandemic has caused your career aspirations to change.

Tell us what you think right here:

*Want to know more? Find out about our recommendations for how companies can support people as they return to the workplace here: Engaging People Back to the Workplace | The Engaging People Company (

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