A new course to help managers to have better conversations about mental health has been launched – as research shows that employees feel unable to talk to their managers about their wellbeing. 31% said they feared their career would suffer if they said something.

The ‘Mental Health for Managers’ course will take place on 3rd October at The Open in Norwich and will provide an insight into the challenges around mental health in the workplace. It will show managers and HR professionals the signs to look out for and practical tips on how to talk about mental health and offer immediate support

The workshop is being run by workplace mental health experts Bamboo Mental Health and people engagement and workplace wellbeing specialists The Engaging People Company. It comes after a recent survey by Bamboo Health found that 35% of respondents feel unable to talk to their manager about mental health problems. 39% ignored the worker or offered poor support.

Tom Oxley, Director of Bamboo Mental Health said, “Our research confirms people are working unwell in Norfolk and staying silent. Yet the first point of help should be their manager. People need to speak up and get support before, during and after absence.

“When managers spot the signs, ask and listen, an employee can get help sooner – and may avoid time off which is costly to employers and can disengage workers.”

By the end of the course, attendees will feel confident to have better conversations with their direct reports, leading to improved manager-employee relationships, better wellbeing and, ultimately, increased engagement and satisfaction.

Michelle Gant, Director of The Engaging People Company explained:

“Managers have an absolutely critical role in supporting and promoting wellbeing within the workplace but conversations about mental health can be daunting. We want to equip managers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to talk to employees and offer them the support they need, which will benefit not only the individuals but the organisation.”

Some of the comments shared during the research included:

  • ‘I wanted to leave and look for another job but my self-esteem was so low.’
  • ‘I was told I did not have a problem and should not waste their time. I felt belittled and worthless, I felt very resentful towards my employers and it did nothing to make me an effective member of staff.’
  • Managers were ‘not adequately trained’
  • ‘Feeling incredibly stressed and undervalued and felt like walking out.’
  • ‘They had no real concern about my health apart from when I would be back at work and refused to give me a more beneficial work hour pattern.’

Visit here to find out more or contact Michelle Gant on 07834 578872 or Tom Oxley on 07718 130930 to book a place.

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