I was scared of flying. Not metaphorically, literally. ‘It’s not a problem, really.’ At least not until I got to the departure lounge and my palms grew sweaty and my heart pounded fearfully as the panic set in.


I flew once with my daughter before realising I had to do something to stop myself from passing on this anxiety to her. For me the best course of action was hypnotherapy. Did it work? Well, the next time I flew, I was like a different person. Calm. Relaxed. And even a little excited.


Which left me wondering: why had I waited so long to overcome that which was holding me back? Why had I been content to suffer when life really didn’t have to be like that? When life could have been better?


We all have challenges which we struggle with, thoughts and ideas which hold us back. Yet so often we simply tolerate them. But we deserve better. We deserve to be set free from that which limits us. And there are many ways to do this. Such as coaching. I love coaching people, listening and questioning and watching as the coachee finds their own solution, as the light illuminates their eyes when they realise they can be liberated from their thinking errors.


It’s not just individuals though. It’s about teams too. There are often things – thoughts, processes, ideas, customs – which are keeping teams stuck, unable to move forward, struggling to overcome the barriers which stop them from thriving. This is where thoughtful, empowering and insightful facilitation can make a real difference, where space can be found to identify that which is holding the team back and ways to work better together. For the benefit of the individual members and the team as a whole.


The thought that I carry with me now is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Whatever may be holding the individual or team back from developing and growing, it isn’t permanent. And it can be overcome. Which really is incredibly freeing.


And I should know.


*If you would like to find out more about facilitation or coaching, please drop me a line.

*I accessed hypnotherapy support through Angie Giles.

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