This summer, we’re sharing some of our #stepstoengagement. Here are some of our steps so far….
1. ‘What do you think?’
Actively look for opportunities to seek people’s views. When we ask people what they think not only do we get useful feedback, we also show people that their opinions count.
2. Thank you
Expressing our appreciation to our staff makes them feel valued and increases motivation. Similarly, we can thank our customers for their support, for choosing us, and again demonstrating that we value them.
3. Think of our audience
Focusing on the needs of our audience will allow our communications a better chance of making an impact.
4. The personal touch
People are more likely to respond if they are treated as a person rather than a number. Look for opportunities to personalise your communications and engagement activities.
5. Live your values
Make values part of the every day. Companies can make it easy to do so by communicating what they are, what they mean, and embedding them into processes.
6. Give choice
When we give people choices, we make them part of what we are doing, and we demonstrate that we value them and what they can bring to our decision-making.
7. Avoid the communications void!
Even when there’s ‘nothing new’ to say – communicate. When companies are inconsistent in how they communicate with people a communications void develops.
When we have invited people’s views, it is essential that we tell them what was said and what we have done with their feedback. Not doing so will impact on people’s trust in us, and it will affect their willingness to engage with us in future.
9. What are your key messages?
Spending time thinking about the key organisational messages and using these consistently will make it easier for people to understand what a company is doing and striving for, and where they might fit in.
10. One size doesn’t fit all
Vary the engagement tools and channels to meet the needs of different audiences. And, if you’re not sure how people want you to communicate and engage with them the very best thing you can do is – ask.
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