The gift of time, flexibility, and balance are some of the benefits people have enjoyed during the last year.


In contrast, childcare, communication, and IT were the biggest challenges as we adapted to a world of work that looked very different.


We wanted to find out what it was like for people working during a pandemic – what was good, and less good, and what could be taken forward into a post-Covid world.


As well as hearing about benefits and challenges, there were some great examples of employee engagement shared with us too. Around communications, appreciation, social engagement, and wellbeing. For example, one employer offered unexpected incentives like free takeaways.


Looking ahead, people want continued flexibility, from their organisation, along with technical tools and engagement and communications. From managers, things such as mental health support, communications and trust are important.


Some people decided to change their career aspirations as a result of the pandemic – for reasons such as pursuing a new purpose or spending more time with family. All best wishes to everyone who is making a change.


Our survey offers some ideas but it’s a toe dip in the water.


What matters is that employers ask their people: find out what matters to them, what they need, then listen, and respond accordingly.


And keep asking. Because people’s views change – especially as society starts opening up more. Keep listening. Keep responding. Employee engagement, it’s not a one-off thing. It’s an ongoing journey.


Rather like the last year.


Read the full report here: Employee engagement survey




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